Second Reiki Session for You or a Loved One 💙

Second Reiki Session for You or a Loved One 💙

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***** available for discounted rate for additional sessions or as a gift 💙🌹


Reiki Blue Rose Healing 💙🌹

This is a distance healing - Not limited by time and space 


Healing source energy flows where it’s needed. 

Some of the benefits of reiki: 

✨ Relief from depression, anxiety and stress

✨ Brings clarity of thought

✨ Eases pain

✨ Helps access deeper parts of ourselves

✨ Boosts intuition and creativity

✨ Calms the mind bringing peace

✨ Increases Immune Functions and healing

✨ Enhances Energy levels 


* After purchase I will contact you to provide further details and make arrangements for your healing

~ With love Anna.  

If you have any questions please contact me anytime.

Blessings  ♾